In-Clinic Diagnostics

In-Clinic Diagnostics for Swift and Accurate Results

At Balsam Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive in-clinic diagnostic services to swiftly and accurately assess the health of your pets. Our state-of-the-art facilities include in-house blood labs, urinalysis capabilities, and a range of other essential tests.

Blood Labs (Powered by IDEXX):

Our in-house blood labs enable us to conduct a variety of blood tests, including complete blood counts (CBC), extensive blood chemistry panels, and specific disease screenings. Rapid results aid in prompt diagnosis and treatment planning so you can leave our office with peace of mind and a treatment plan. For more specialized or extensive testing, we send samples out to IDEXX reference laboratories, utilizing their state-of-the-art equipment and specialized veterinary staff to accurately diagnose and treat your pet!


Our clinic performs urinalysis on-site, evaluating your pet’s kidney function, detecting urinary tract infections, detecting signs of diabetes, and identifying other potential issues. Quick and accurate results guide our veterinarian in tailoring effective treatment plans for your individual pets’ health.

Fecal Examinations:

In cases of gastrointestinal concerns, our in-clinic fecal examinations help identify parasites, bacteria, or other factors affecting your pet’s digestive health. For less severe and time-sensitive cases, we send fecal specimens out to our reference lab with results reported the very next morning. Timely diagnosis allows for targeted treatment and relief for your furry friend.


For skin or ear issues, cytology involves examining cell samples under a microscope. This aids in diagnosing infections, allergies, or other dermatological conditions, enabling precise and effective treatment. In-house cytologies can also be used in fine needle aspirations, oftentimes used to help our veterinarian diagnose your pet’s lumps, bumps, and growths without invasive surgical biopsies. 

Digital Radiography:

In addition to diagnostics, our clinic offers digital radiography for detailed imaging. This aids in assessing internal structures, detecting abnormalities, and facilitating accurate diagnoses for various medical conditions.

Electrocardiography (ECG):

For cardiac health assessments, we can conduct in-house ECGs. This non-invasive test provides valuable information about your pet’s heart rhythm, aiding in the diagnosis of cardiac conditions. ECGs are often sent out for analysis by a specialty lab with most results available the same day or the next morning.

Glucose Monitoring:

Diabetes management requires regular monitoring of blood glucose levels. Our in-clinic capabilities allow for efficient glucose testing, enabling adjustments to treatment plans as needed. We also offer the placement of continuous glucose monitoring devices for home monitoring in place of old-fashioned in-clinic glucose curves. These devices give you the ability to monitor your pet’s glucose from the comfort of your home and transmit high-quality data from your pet’s monitor directly to the hands of our veterinarian. Day-to-day data transfers allow our vet to make changes to your pet’s insulin doses without the need for stressful office visits and give us a clear, more complete picture of your pet’s glucose patterns! 

Our commitment to in-clinic diagnostics reflects our dedication to providing prompt and effective healthcare for your pets. Trust our experienced team to leverage advanced diagnostic tools, allowing us to tailor treatment plans that address your pet’s specific needs. Schedule an appointment today for comprehensive in-clinic assessments and care.

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