Dermatology and Allergies

Is Your Pet Itchy?

At Balsam Animal Hospital, we offer a wide array of dermatology services, addressing a variety of skin, ear, and coat conditions. Our veterinarian has over 30 years of experience in diagnosing and treating an array of dermatological issues. We also work closely with referral specialists to get your pet feeling comfortable in their skin again!

Our team is equipped to handle diseases of the ears, eyes, and skin- from common concerns such as food allergies, environmental allergies, and flea allergies to more complex conditions like hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and Cushing’s disease.

We commonly treat bacterial, yeast, and fungal infections, ensuring your pet’s skin and coat health. Hotspots, a common dermatological issue, receive prompt and effective attention, providing your pet with the relief they deserve. Additionally, we provide comprehensive care for external parasites, including fleas, ticks, mange mites, and ear mites.

Our commitment extends beyond treating symptoms; we strive to understand the root causes of dermatological issues, providing solutions that enhance your pet’s overall well-being. If your furry friend is experiencing skin-related challenges, including itching, redness, or unusual odors, schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable veterinary team!


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